Maximizing your revenue with industry experts, so you can provide superior patient care

Our Mission

We know that balancing operating costs and patient care is challenging. Your dental practice wants to excel in both although company resources are stretched thin.

At Alpha Dental Support, we know there’s a better way to run an efficient dental practice - one where you succeed in maximizing revenue and patient satisfaction simultaneously. We believe that outsourcing to the experts provides you with the professionals who get the job done quickly and efficiently.

That’s why we’ve set up a system where you gain vital staff at a lower rate than doing it yourself. Staff who easily navigate the ever-changing insurance landscape while you take care of your patients. Patient-centricity is the key to long-term and sustainable growth.

The Company

Alpha Dental Support was established to enable your dental practice to maximize revenue and save on operating costs while benefiting from professional staff. We believe the job gets done best with staff who are experts in their field. We provide you with highly qualified industry professionals.

We supply experts in Dental Insurance Billing, Patient Billing, Dental Insurance Verification, Dental Credentialing and Appointment Setting.

By engaging our experts for your operating tasks, your staff have more time to focus on excelling in patient care - which is what matters most.

Our specialists are passionate about what they do and ready to walk you through the process.

Our Team

Juan Fernando Velasquez Romero

Director of Sales and Marketing

We support you by

Managing staff

Handling staff Turnover

Training staff

Ensuring High Compliance Standards

SOC I Type II Compliant

Alpha Dental Support is audited every 6 months by a third-party auditing firm to ensure its Data and Information Security Compliance.

HIPAA Compliant

All Employees and management have undergone HIPAA Training and have acquired HIPAA Certification.

Training is conducted on a semi-annual basis to ensure that all information, facts, and knowledge with regards to HIPAA are up to date.


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