Boost your dental insurance revenue by letting the pros do the work.

Dental insurance billing becomes a whole lot easier with our team taking care of it for you. We collect 100 percent of the insurance income owed to your practice. Our goal being to ensure that your over 90 days insurance account balances are ZERO.

We provide you with a complete service package, so your staff have more time for your patients.

What we’ll accomplish for you

All Claims sent Daily with Electronic Claims Processing

All claims, both primary and secondary, are sent electronically, daily, with accurate patient information and supporting documentation when required. Pre-authorisations are sent when requested.

Denied Claims Investigated and Appealed

All denied claims are immediately investigated and appealed if they are appealable. Some appeals may require a narrative or explanation from the treating dentist why the treatment was necessary.

Insurance Balances 30 days and older followed up Weekly

Insurance balances that are 30 days old or older are followed up on a weekly basis. Multiple times a month, detailed notes regarding the claim status is posted in your practice management software.

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Reports

Daily, Weekly and Monthly reports mailed to your management team, with a summary of our insurance collection efforts and any issues discovered that could slow down our collection efforts or cause delay.

All Insurance payments and adjustments posted to the Patient Ledger

All insurance payments and insurance contract adjustments are posted to the patient ledgers accurately, within 24 hours after the EOB is scanned by your team, this includes EFT payments posted within 24 hours of receiving notification of the claim being processed. It is our recommendation that the office deposits cheques the next day to ensure our daily deposits balance with what is posted daily.

Paper Mail Processing

If an insurance company does not accept electronic attachments, a paper attachment is sent through the mail. If you are not using electronic attachments, we assist you in setting up electronic attachments.

Insurance Aging Report analyzed monthly.

The Insurance aging report is analyzed monthly. A summary of overdue account balances (30 days, 60 days and 90 days) are included on the daily report, along with how many overdue claims were appealed and how much was collected.

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