Increase collections. We get the verifications Right. Every time.

Our team makes sure you always have accurate information in the ever-changing world of insurances. With the task done right, your outstanding accounts receivable will be lower, collections higher, and patients happier.

What your practice gains

Up-to-date information on changing insurance coverage

Experts checking the small print:
exclusions, waiting periods, alternate benefits, tricky wording

Patient eligibility, active benefits and coverage verified prior to their appointment

Loyal customers and word-of-mouth referrals

Less outstanding claims

Correct treatment plans

Higher collections

Lower Accounts Receivable balances

We do the heavy work so you can maximize collections and minimize denials

No more tedious and time consuming Insurance verifications

No more time wasted waiting on calls for detailed benefit breakdowns

How we support you

Customized Information

Customized, detailed information based on your practice’s needs, using either your existing verification form or one we supply you.

Fee Schedule update

On request, we will update your practice's fee schedule, this ensures the latest fees are available, resulting in accurate treatment plans and collected co-pays.

Updated Patient files prior to appointment

Our goal is to have the insurance verification form completed and scanned into the patient's document centre, update the fee schedule, note any limitations and special restrictions, prior to the patient's appointment. Any concerns will be brought to your practice's attention immediately.

Patient Verification prior to appointment

Verifications take place 48 - 72 hours in advance of the patient's appointment. Any verification request made less than 48 hours in advance are charged at double the standard rate.

Dental Insurance Verification Pricing

minimum $150 a month

Risk FREE Trial

minimum $150 a month

Risk FREE Trial

Per requested fee schedule update

Risk FREE Trial

We have the knowledge and skills to save you time and money

You’ll get the support you need so your practice remains up-to-date and runs profitably. We’re ready for your call.

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