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No more worrying about Patient billing. Delegate the entire process to our professional team and we’ll take care of everything. Our proven process ensures that you are constantly in the loop and receive patient payments promptly.

What you get with our service package

Daily and Weekly Reports

Daily and Weekly summaries are emailed. Reporting who was contacted, the number of letters sent, number of phone calls made, how much money was collected, current accounts receivable balances, and who left the office without paying their estimated co-pay.

Patient Letters Requesting Payment

Patients with outstanding balances receive 3 letters requesting payment immediately, this should result in a phone call from the patient either to clarify the account or to enter into a payment plan.

Patient Phone Calls Requesting Payment

Patients also receive 3 calls. This should result in the patient either paying the balance outstanding over the phone or entering into a payment plan.

Management of “Uncollectable” debt

If all attempts have failed and an account is deemed "uncollectable" we advise the practice to allow us to refer the account to a collection agency. If the office chooses to write off the balance outstanding, a letter is sent to the patient explaining that prior to any future appointments the amount needs to be settled and moving forward all co-payments are due at the time of service.

Prompt Patient Notification

We immediately notify the patient of any outstanding balance once the insurance claim has been processed.

We work with your management to determine appropriate payment options.

Statements sent at Agreed Intervals

Statements can be sent either weekly, monthly or both, through your practice management software.

Patient billing pricing


Simple flat rate for all customers


Of total collections.
With a $350 minimum

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